As a keeb enthusiast & maker, I’ve always been enamored by the idea of creating a completely custom board with whatever layout I wanted and any features or aesthetics that struck me as nice. I plan for all my stuff to be open source, since I want to encourage other people to build them on their own (or even better, remix my shit into their own stuff).

This is just a fun hobby for me (although it has kind of taken over all my free time), but if people do want to buy keyboards from me, I wouldn’t mind turning it into a side gig. We shall see how that goes.

I ran a site called MetaMechs for a couple years under the moniker GMan129, devoted to guides, tier lists, and builds for the game MechWarrior Online. Since I already have this site, and MetaMechs also works (imo) as a name for a mechanical keyboard site & brand, I decided to just carry it on! Big thanks again to Seb for the logo and branding work btw <3

This site will serve to catalog my work, and act as a hub with links to places like GitHub where you can find documentation on my keyboards, as well as having info on how to buy stuff from me. Might end up making random super low effort blog posts too, but that’s tbd.